How To Switch Characters In GTA 5 PS4?

Rockstar Games have always tried innovating the open-world genre with the Grand Theft Auto game franchise. Every installment of the game looks more striving than the last, and Grand Theft Auto 5 was possibly the most pioneering installment of the game. Rockstar Games took a great gamble by providing players, not one but three central characters to play as in Grand Theft Auto 5. This decision first baffled fans as they didn’t acquaint how flawlessly it was gonna play out.You can download gta 5 for android

Many fans fear arose from the fact that the gaming experience was messed up by a lot of menus and recurrent Pauses for switching characters. However, the implementation of the Switch mechanic by Rockstar was very smooth and didn’t reason the huge break players feared at first. Grand Theft Auto 5 permitted players to switch their characters on the move quite fast. Here is how you can do so.Learn How To Become A VIP In GTA 5?

Switch Characters In GTA 5

How Can You Switch Characters In Grand Theft Auto 5 On PlayStation 4?

Grand Theft Auto 5 introduced numerous playable characters in the game and permitted the players to switch between the three given characters when and as they wanted (if you have a Grand Theft Auto: Online character). Switching between these given characters is seamless, fast, and easy. However, you may, at times, forget controls if you have not played this game in a while.

You can make use of the left side button on the D-Pad of the Dualshock 4 for opening the Character dial. You can choose the character you want to play by choosing the specified icon. The number on the faces of your character shows the number of side missions presently accessible for your character.Learn How To Make A Crew In GTA 5?

Rockstar Games considerably switched up the Gameplay from the earlier Grand Theft Auto games by introducing three extremely diverse styles and personalities to play. While all the characters control quite the same, their personalities are what really sets them apart in a huge way. The little change in the animations that are exclusive to every character is also worth mentioning and showcases the thoroughness of Rockstar Games once again.

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