How To Become A VIP In GTA 5?

The GTA V developers keep introducing new updates that make this game exhilarating and worth your time. In GTA 5, you can employ other players to act as your in-game bodyguards. For doing so, you have to register yourself as a VIP; that in itself can be a little tricky job. Bodyguards and VIPs, according to the official blog by Rockstar Games, have a straightforward employer-employee role.Download GTA 5 APK For android mobile

They have to work together to succeed in the VIP challenges and work. Bodyguards have to escort the VIP through the unsafe streets of Los Santos. In this post, we glance at all the simple steps you have to follow for becoming a VIP in GTA 5.Learn How Many Missions Are In GTA 5?

Requirements For Becoming A VIP In GTA 5:

  • Money Is Important:

While playing Grand Theft Auto 5, you have to make sure that you’ve got at least 1 million dollars in the Maze bank account. Also, keep in mind that the VIP status doesn’t last forever.

  • Timing Is Everything:

The VIP status lasts for 4 hours only, that too in the Free-mode Gameplay. The time that you spend in the jobs and heists is comprised in such 4 hours. Once these hours are finished, there’s a cooling period of 12 hours before you become the VIP again. Also, keep in mind that there can be 6 VIPs in a session. If you apply to become a VIP and you see that 6 VIPs exist already, then you need to suspend the application.Learn How To Switch Characters In GTA 5 PS4?


  • Employ Bodyguards:

After becoming the VIP, you can simply employ a max of 3 players for acting as the Bodyguard in the Free-mode session. VIPs can have access to the Ghost Organization for hiding the Bodyguards from the map. If the Bodyguard betrays you, you have the choice to terminate his contract. So, employ and fire away!

How Can You Register As A VIP?

The real question has been asked around a lot online by the hundreds of players of Grand Theft Auto V. You only have to have a total amount of at least fifty thousand dollars, as registering as the VIP does not charge anything, and having that amount is adequate. Once you’ve managed this, follow these simple steps for becoming a VIP:

  • First of all, go to the interaction menu in the game > access SecuroServ.
  • From that menu, you can easily register as a VIP.
  • Once finished, you’ll need to name the organization.

Returning to the interaction menu will show the SecuroServ VIP option to live the deluxe VIP life.

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